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Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore really matches our mood

The colour of the year for 2021 really resonates with our mood amid the pandemic - at the end of year 2020. Benjamin Moore - America's favourite paint brand - drops its next hue for the upcoming year in autumn. This is not only a prediction for the next year, but also sets the tone for designers with its colour palette.

Aegean Teal does it all: it invites us in and soothes our senses during the cold autumn lockdown while we are sipping our glass of wine next to the fireplace. Aegean teal is a greenish blue with a hint of grey, offering a softened, calming elegance. Although the colour and the palette was opted for before the pandemic hit in, but it seems to be a perfect choice to counterbalance the stay-at-home orders. At least as much as your environment can.

Staying in an interior with this colour palette related to nature can ground and calm us. They seem as if "you left them out in the sun and they ripened" - says Andrea Magno, the director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore.

Well, as for me, just looking at these pictures gives me some sort of satisfaction while trying to survive my present lockdown in Europe.

I hope it also helps you dream about brighter days...

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